Radiator Material Science: Choosing the right materials for longevity

Radiator Material Science: Choosing the right materials for longevity

1. Copper and Brass

These Radiators were standard parts in all autos until 1980, with brass tanks and copper cores.

Now days, these radiators are being used in classic cars and specific situations, but they might be heavier and more expensive.

2. Aluminum

The core and tank of an aluminum radiator are both made of aluminum, making it ideal for high-performance cars.

Compared to Copper and Brass Radiators, aluminum radiators have a significantly higher cooling efficiency. Aluminum is a good conductor of heat because it has a high thermal conductivity.

3. Aluminum Core and Plastic Tank

As the preferred choice in the automotive industry, these radiators have become the go-to option.

They offer high performance, lightweight design, and affordability, making them an excellent alternative to heavy and expensive radiators.

Which one to use?

The choice of radiator material depends on your specific requirements and budget. While each material has its pros and cons, it’s crucial to align your choice with your intended usage and performance expectations.

AM Worldwide’s Superior Offerings:

We take pride in offering top-notch radiator products, combining durable and cost-effective plastic tank radiators with efficient performance aluminum core radiators.

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